Slide Milling

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Select Milling options for your Pistol Slide.  Make your selections above, by selecting the options you want.  Please note that optic cuts are for Gen 3,4,5 Factory Glock models 17/22/31/19X/45,19/23/32, 26/27/33, 34/35 ONLY.  As we update our tooling this description will be updated with it.  Prices are for milling only.

Front Serrations:  Vertical or Forward Angled 1/8" milled serrations to match Glock factory rear appearance.

Laser Front Serrations:  A deeper, detailed and more tactile textured option vs the standard milled cuts, also available in vertical or forward angled.  For something custom, please email us for a quote.  (its a laser, it can do a lot of things)

Optic Cut:  Current options for Glock slides are:

Trijicon RMR.  Milled with recoil bosses in front of the factory rear sight making it possible to co-witness with Glock MOS suppressor high sights.  Available with an optional Aluminum cover plate.  Also works with exact footprint clones like the Holosun 507C.

Leupold Delta Point Pro.  Milled overtop of the factory rear sight making it compatible with the Leupold Delta Point Pro Rear Iron Sight (Leupold SKU 120058).  Available with an optional cover plate for use with the Leupold Delta Point Pro Rear Iron Sight (Leupold SKU 120058)

Aimpoint ACRO.  Milled overtop of the factory rear sight sitting the optic as far rear and low as structurally possible.  Option to add the rear sight dovetail in front of the optic to co-witness with certain aftermarket suppressor high sights.  Doing the new rear sight dovetail will expose the safety plunger channel, but will not compromise the function or safety of the plunger.  No cover plate available.

Vortex Venom. Milled in front of the factory rear sight, as closest to the rear as structurally possible, making it compatible with some aftermarket suppressor high sights.  Unfortunately due to the length of these optics, it does cut into the safety plunger chamber, which requires us mill down your safety plunger to ensure proper function. Please include this with the slide so we can do it all at once.  No cover plate available.

Please only send your slide if that's all we're doing for you.  If you want to include new sights with your slide, please do so in one package, and we will mount them for free, just know they will only be a rough zero.  

If you are wanting the slide re-finished, then please see the Cerakote Slide Product to add that to your order for better tracking.