Triclawps - Tripod Shooting Adaptor
Triclawps - Tripod Shooting Adaptor
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Triclawps - Tripod Shooting Adaptor

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The Triclawps adapter clamps to your rifles, shotguns, crossbows, and even some handguns and lets you attach your firearm to any camera tripod. Doing so provides a stable rest regardless of the field conditions you’re hunting or shooting in. Sure, it’s always best to get prone, but in reality, that’s not always possible. Triclawps is the best alternative to situations where prone doesn’t work; and has consistently led to more hunters and shooters hitting more targets in difficult field conditions since they came out with it.

Triclawps is made of a high-density, glass-reinforced resin that is light weight, and tough enough to handle the recoil from the largest mangum rifles.

The standard 1/4x20 threading ensures your system will work on any camera tripod.

Triclawps comes with a lifetime, no fault, no questions asked warranty.

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