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Outside Waist Band (OWB) Pancake Style Kydex Holster.  A flush and stylish pancake style holster for on the belt, open carry. This style of holster is popular for all day carry, as it is wider than other styles of holsters, helping distribute the weight of the gun better.  Also recommended for concealed carry as it sits high on the belt, and very close to the body.  The closed belt loops are extremely durable keeping the holster secure on your waist line.

Sending in a gun for a holster?  Check here for more info: FFL Info

Check homepage for up-to-date online order lead time.  ** Special kydex colors may take longer as they are custom made to order.

Kydex: Visit the Kydex Colors Page HERE to view Kydex Color samples and Patterns Available.  The outside color of kydex is the color that will face the outside, the main color that is visible. The inside color of kydex is the color that will face your body, and only really be visible on the edge.  We only use .08 Kydex™ on all of our holsters.

Optic / Threaded Barrel Cut:  Slide mounted optics need a slimmer sweat guard and lower mounted clip in order to fit correctly.  Threaded Barrels require the bottom of the holster to be opened more than usual to be able to pass through.  Select which options you would like for your holster.  Holsters can always be sent back and altered if you add an optic/barrel in the future.  

Eyelets: Select at least one (1) color for your eyelets.  If more are selected, they will be mixed at random.  

Sweat/Shirt Guard:  The sweat guard is the part of the inside of the holster that extends from above the trigger guard to the top back of the slide. The sweat guard not only protects the firearm from sweat, oils, and clothing, but some shooters find it aids in the re-holstering of the firearm.  Our standard is a Mid Sweat guard, unless we feel the selected gun/option needs a lower one due to slide details, optic cuts, safeties or slide lock levels.  Because we mold our holsters with training replicas, the safely is in the fire position.

Loops:  Standard belt loops are durable and strong injection molded loops available in 3 belt sizes.  MALICE Clips are available if you want your holster for an armor carrier or anything that has MALICE or MOLLE Webbing.

** Because of the extremely tight fit of kydex holsters, some accessories or aftermarket changes to the gun, need to be brought to our attention.  Some examples include: Threaded barrels, taller front sights, non-factory magazine release, non-factory slide release, rail adaptors, etc.  These need to be brought to our attention before placing an order, to ensure we can accommodate your weapon, or make arrangements to make it work.  Failure to do so may render your holster useless **

** Check out all of the photos to help you order.  Double check all of the options you selected, we know there are a lot to pick from.  There are no returns or cancellations on holsters as they are custom made-to-order **

Questions & Answers

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  • I noticed you have a Ruger American pistol pictured but it's not in the drop down menu. Is this a custom option for OWB style?

    No we have that option, it was just a web error.  Should be fixed thanks.

  • Interested in buying one of the holsters. I don't see any fields for entering info about the firearm / kydex colors on the website, is this something that is collected via email or something after the order has been placed? Thanks

    If the drop down fields aren't visible, it's a browser issue and you should refresh everything and load the website again. If it keeps it up please let us know 

  • What is the thickness of your Kydex holsters?

    .08 in

  • the p320 carry dimensions are slightly different than both the fullsize and compact. Which do you reccomend when getting one of your holsters

    We've seen the best fit with the P320 compact.  

  • I have a Steyr M9-A1 I would like you to make a holster for. I live in the Phoenix area. Can I drop it off? What is the procedure and turnaround time? Thanks

    Just bring it by the shop, we're within a few days for local orders.

  • Do your Kydex OWB Pancake holsters fit and work with the new Gen 5 Glock 19? Also, are you planning on running a Black Friday sale? Thanks, Allan

    Yes to both 

  • I have a HK p2000sk that is like to get a holster for. Do you make an owb pancake holster for this firearm?

    Unfortunately, if your gun is not listed in the drop down menu, it would require dropping off or sending in the gun for the build. 

  • I am interested in getting an OWB holster for a Sig P226 with rails.This gun has the Romeo red dot mounted on it.I saw how to order that but it also has the high sights.I was not given the option for the though.Can you do this set up?

    That's no problem, we shim our holsters high enough for suppressor high sights. 

  • I have and older Springfield Armory milspec Operator with a full length light rail, will your Springfield 5'' railed Operator work for my pistol? Most holsters from other manufacturers only fit the partial rail models.

    No ours will not work for that gun.  Ours is the standard half-rail

  • looking to get a custom print on a kydex holster made for my work. I carry a sig 226 with a tlr1 light. I would like a black holster with a mandalorian helmet outline in a american flag urban grey color.

    For custom artwork, you just need to email us a picture you want to use after you place your order, in reference to the order number so we can track it.  When you place your order, select custom kydex as the outside color drop down.