Kydex Magazine Holster - Open Carry

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Single Magazine Kydex Holster for on the belt carry.  Standard orientation is to be mounted on the shooters weak hand side, with the bullets facing to the front.  Select your side of your body you want to carry the mag on. i.e. Right handed shooters select left side, and the holster will be made to carry on the left side of the body.

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Kydex Colors are shown HERE

Questions & Answers

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  • What option would fit a CZ 07?

    Either the Mail In, Drop Off, or Universal.  The mail in and Drop off will be the best fit as it will be molded to the actual mag.  The univeral will work based on friction retention.

  • Have one for Glock 21SF model?

    Nothing yet for the SF models.  We keep the lists updated as we add new guns.

  • Do you have an OWB double mag carrier for glock 19? Or do these bolt together?

    These are singles, and they do not attach to each other to aid in customizing belt loadouts.  Our double mag carriers are not easily removed from the belt, as they are pancake style with rigid loops. We're in the process of adding them back to website tho if you prefer that style, just give us a few days. 

  • What would be best option for 92a1 magazine

    Either bringing it in/dropping it off with the order, or the universal.

  • Any options for S&W SD9?

    Yes you can mail one in and we will return it with the completed order.  

  • Does the xds option include xdm magazines? Also do you offer a military discount?

    We do Offer Mil and Leo discounts, you just need to e-mail in credentials for the unique promo code.

    We are currently working on adding the XDm magazine to the options, but until it is visible on the drop down menu, it would need to be sent in for the build.  

  • Have one for a glock 29?

    Yea that would be the Glock 45 double stack

  • Is the retention adjustable on the Single Magazine Kydex Holster for open carry? It looks like there is an adjustment screw, but I can't tell for sure from the photos or description. Thanks.

    Yes these have adjustable retention

  • What option for Glock 23?

    The Glock 9/40 Double stack is your mag 

  • can you put the retention screw a little higher (3/8) inch.

    The gun model determines where it goes and how many there are.  If you need a special request, you can always use the order comments to explain what you're looking for.