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Inside Waist Band (IWB) Kydex Holster with an attached weapon light.  Worn inside the pants with a a belt, recommended for discrete and low profile concealed carry in any carry position on the body.  Light bearing kydex holsters require the use of the weapon light to have any positive retention.  Adjustable Retention for a custom draw and feel.

Sending in a gun for a holster?  Check here for more info: FFL Info

Check homepage for up-to-date online order lead time.  ** Special kydex colors may take longer as they are custom made to order. 

Kydex: Visit the Kydex Colors Page HERE to view Kydex Color samples and Patterns Available. Because of the larger size of light bearing holsters, the special colors are NOT available as they come in pre-cut sizes from the manufacture.  We only use .08 Kydex™ on all of our holsters.

Weapon Lights:  If your light is not listed, it does require your light to be mailed in for the build.  We keep our lists updated as we add new lights to the shop.

Cant: Refers to the angle of the gun vs your belt line.  These holsters are adjustable cant 

Sweat Guard:  The sweat guard is the part of the inside of the holster that extends from above the trigger guard to the top back of the slide. The sweat guard not only protects the firearm from sweat, oils, and clothing, but some shooters find it aids in the re-holstering of the firearm.  Our standard is a High Sweat guard, unless we feel the selected gun/option needs a lower one due to slide details, optic cuts, safeties or slide lock levels.  Because we mold our holsters with training replicas, the safely is in the fire position.  For this reason, if you select a sweat guard, it may be made different so your holster will function.

Belt Clip: The standard Rapid Fold Over Clip, is great for IWB holsters and for easy on and off function. 

** Because of the extremely tight fit of kydex holsters, some accessories or aftermarket changes to the gun, need to be brought to our attention.  Some examples include: Threaded barrels, taller front sights, non-factory magazine release, non-factory slide release, rail adaptors, etc.  These need to be brought to our attention before placing an order, to ensure we can accommodate your weapon, or make arrangements to make it work.  Failure to do so may render your holster useless **

** Check out all of the photos to help you order.  Double check all of the options you selected, we know there are a lot to pick from.  There are no returns or cancellations on holsters as they are custom made-to-order **

Questions & Answers

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  • I have a Springfield Armory, 1911 CHAMPION OPERATOR LIGHTWEIGHT that has a 4 in barrel. Would that fall under mail-in for a IWB kydex holster?

    If you wanted it molded exaclty to your gun, yes.  If not, we can make it with our 1911 5" Operator and cut it short where your 4" slide would end.  Just note it in the order comments. 

  • The TLR-1 HL 800 lumen fits in with your TLR-1 category right?

    Yes it will.

  • Hey there! I'm looking at picking up one of these IWB with weapon light holsters for my Glock 26. The light I have is a: Streamlight 69272 TLR-6, but I'm not seeing it in the options outside TLR-6 (Glock 42/43). I'm contacting you because I also have a Glock 43 with the TLR-6, and it's definitely a different size than the TLR-6 for my 26. So, I'm wondering if I'm just reading this wrong and your holster would fit. Thank you!

    Currently we only have the TLR-6 for the G43.  All other models will require mail in for the build. 

  • I love my light bearing holster for Glock 19. I recently acquired a threaded barrel for it and didn't get my holster with the threaded barrel opening. Is the option just a hole in the end?

    Yes it just ensures that we open the bottom up enough to have the threaded barrell and thread protector clear.  It can always be added later, but a cleaner look if we know about it when we mold it.

  • I have a Vickers Glock 19 - basically a gen 3 glock 19 with an extended mag release, extended slide lock, and vickers sights. TLR-1 light attached. Does all the Vickers gear make this a mail in?

    No youre ok with our standard 19's, just note the extended mag release so we can make sure it clears it.

  • I wanted a holster for my glock 19 with an inforce light with the Arizona flag print but did not see it as an option? Is this available?

    Those custom sheets of Kydex come pre-cut, and are not big enough to cover guns with weapon lights on IWB holsters. The only light bearing holster they are big enough for are the OWB Pancake style. 

  • Is the M&P Compact for the M&P 2.0 Compact or the old 3.5 in model?`

    The 3.5" model.  the new M&P 2.0 "compact" fits the original 4.25" holsters.

  • I am looking for a Springfield Armory XD .40 holster, but I don’t see a XD .40 caliber option, only an XD 9. Would it still fit my XD .40?

    Yes it will, just please note you have the 40, as the slide is slightly wider, and we need to prep the gun differently for the wider slide.

  • do you make holsters for the Sig Saur p-229 legion in 40 S&W? Also is the size the same as the regular P-229* with rail or is it a different specs. Thanks again for your time.

    The rail is different in size so it does require the actual gun to be used.

  • I don't see the Streamlight TLR-2 weapon light listed in the drop down box....will it fit the same as one of the others listed or would it be a new fit on its own?

    No unfortunlety we don't have an option for the TLR-2 in the shop as of yet.  As of now, it would fall under mail-in