Cerakote - Pistol Frame

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Cerakote your Pistol Frame a single color OR pattern of your choice.  Make your selections above, by selecting either a single color OR a pattern.  A Distressed or Battle Worn finish can be added to any color or pattern.  You can use the project notes box to write out any notes to help our artists when completing your order.  (Please only send your frame if that's all we're doing for you)

Approved models that do not require an extra fee for disassembly / assembly: Glock, SIG P320.  If we're doing the disassembly and reassembly, feel free to include parts to swap out like new triggers, spring kits etc.  That will be included in the frame labor price if applicable.

Add Smaller pistol parts like magazine bases to complete your project

Check HERE for a color chart.  Check our sample work and Facebook & Instagram @wepleadthe2nd

When sending in any serialized item like a full pistol, frame, receiver etc, it is required to send it with a copy of our FFL which can be downloaded here: FFL INFO