Warranty Information

Kydex Holsters

We Plead The 2nd offers a lifetime warranty on our Kydex Holsters against manufacturing defects and craftsmanship.  These are hand made, built to order items, but we know sometimes things slip, and need a second look.  If you need to have the holster worked on, fixed, changed in anyway after receiving it, please feel free to send it back to us, with a copy of your order or at least order number, and description of what needs done to it.  From there we will determine if it is a repair or remake, free of charge.  Please include a receipt of your paid return postage, as we will reimburse it up to $5.00 for warranty work, since currently we do not have the ability to send you a pre-paid shipping label.  That almost always covers USPS First Class Mail.  For reasons other than warranty, shipping will not be covered.  


We offer a 90 day application warranty on Cerakote and grip modifications.  This is a product that is subject to cosmetic wear, so we only warranty jobs based on the slim chance that it was not applied correctly and the product fails, or in more frequent instances that a gun's tolerance doesnt get a long with the new thicker coat, and needs to be removed in some places.  Although this rarely happens, we are human after all, and will cover it.  After 90 days, return shipping will not be covered, and may be subject to certain fees associated with re-application if that is what you want done, this is why we ask you inspect your project throughly, and get some rounds put through it asap to help trouble shoot anything that may come up.  On carry pistols, we recommend the Elite series cerakote as it is formulated for the best wear protection, that will hold up far better against holster wear than the other series.  Holster wear is not covered in our warranty.