Industry Pricing

Manufacturer/Dealer Direct Cerakote, Laser Engraving, and Grip Stipple Applications are available! Bulk Discounts start as small as 10 units.  Email: for details.

Volquartsen Scorpion - Cerakote Stars and Stripes

Lee Armory AKM - Cerakote Graphite Black

KE Arms Builder Sets - We Plead The 2nd


Stipple Dealer - We Plead The 2nd

We are always looking for marketing partnership opportunities with industry connected individuals and organizations.  Company Reps, Competitive Shooters, Professional Videographers and Photographers, Magazines, Social Media Personalities, and Content Creators can ALL take advantage of special pricing, through our growing industry pricing program.

Dark Thirty Films - MP5 We Plead The 2nd

NOLA Dark Thrity Films MP5 - We Plead The 2nd