Kydex Holsters: 2-4 Weeks from order date

Cerakote: 1-4 Weeks from receiving order (Cerakote orders are much faster and within lead-time when they are sent in completely disassembled)

Grip Stippling: Average 2 Weeks from receiving order

(These are estimates for normal shop conditions.  Special orders, Holidays and Promotions have a tendency to slow things up a bit.  No Lead Times are guaranteed.)



Kydex Holsters: Average 1 Week from order date (if you placed your online for pick-up, please call/email us so we can pull it, otherwise its in the mix with the rest of the online orders, so see above!)

Cerakote: Average 2 Weeks from placing order  (Cerakote orders are much faster and within lead-time when they are brought in completely disassembled)

Grip Stippling: Average 2 Weeks from placing order

(These are estimates for normal shop conditions.  Special orders, Holidays and Promotions have a tendency to slow things up a bit.  No Lead Times are guaranteed.)




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Mailing address is: We Plead The 2nd, 1730 W 10th Place, Suite 6, Tempe AZ 85281

Because we are an FFL and Class 2 SOT, you can ship your firearm or NFA item directly to us using UPS or FedEx.  Do NOT ship your firearm USPS, unless it is just a slide or non-serialized part.  There is no need to go through an FFL on your end, as cerakote and other customizations fall under the "Gunsmithing" category, and no change of ownership occurs.  Your firearm will be shipped directly back to you with the address you provide at checkout.  All Firearms include a copy of our FFL in the box along with a copy of your drivers license or photo ID.  All NFA items please include a copy of your ATF approved form.  If you cant include a copy of your ID or form, make sure you email us a clear picture with reference to your order number.




We are an industry leader and are best known for our Build-to-order Kydex Holsters.  Hand made quality holsters, you can see and feel the difference when you wear and use them. We went to great lengths to bring you an American made product. Not only made in the USA, but all of the materials and hardware are made here too.  What that means for you, is pride was taken in making you this product.

Kydex™ is an extremely durable and tough thermoplastic.  Its properties make an ideal material for holsters.

While all holsters wear the finish of your firearm, it is tested and found that kydex actually wears much less than traditional leather or one-size-fits-none holsters.  Leather can trap debris inside, which will continuously wear the finish of your firearm. Kydex holsters can wear the finish but generally do not, or do it much slower; because the smooth plastic inside is softer than most modern firearm finishes, and you have the ability to rinse the holster clean unlike most materials.  It is rarely the material of the holsters, but actually the dirt and debris that get trapped in there that scratches it.  They fit the gun extremely well, and do not change in size due to kydex not losing its formed shape.



We Plead The 2nd, LLC is a Factory Certified Cerakote Applicator.  You can rest assured that your project will be done with the highest level of technical standards and artistry.  There is a good chance that other applicators that are not certified may not be applying it correctly, which in turn will wear faster, not bond, and/or not protect your firearm the way it is designed to.  Choose wisely when selecting an applicator.  

Why Cerkaote?

Cerakote is a spray on ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Cerakote ceramic coatings utilize state-of-the-art technology to out-perform any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications, making it ideal for firearm finishes.  


The Elite series cerakote is a great option for every carry guns, or guns prone to a lot of use and wear, simply because it is thinner, smoother, and stronger than the H-series cerakote, and performs well in harsh conditions.  

You can see some of our previous work here in the CERAKOTE GALLERY

You can see the color and pattern examples here in the CERAKOTE COLORS




WPT2 is an industry leader for providing practical and aesthetic grip work and texture stippling for your polymer frame handguns, at a low cost.

Why Stipple your grip?

Above the obvious of the improved aesthetics we can add to your gun, we can highlight some of the practical reasons we like shooting guns with modified grips.  The most obvious benefit is the added tactile grip, which will help your ability to maintain positive control of the firearm, including in slippery conditions, like water, blood, etc. We add improved ergonomics to the grip by rounding hard edges, making it able to get a higher purchase on the grip by cutting into trigger guards and finger grooves.  Larger hands like the benefit of removing factory finger grooves on small frames so your fingers can rest more naturally.  When your grip fits your hand better, you gain a sense of consistency where you're holding the gun the exact same way every time, similar to a precision shooter mounting behind a long gun in the exact spot each time, or a car driver that likes the seat positioned in the exact spot behind the wheel, to reach all necessary tools while driving.

All Stipple jobs we do in shop, have the option of many services like grip reduction, finger groove removal, trigger guard undercuts and frame index points.  On some frames where applicable, we contour and blend in backstraps and outline aftermarket magwells if they are sent in or purchased with the job order.