We Plead The 2nd, LLC is an industry leader for providing practical and aesthetic grip work and texture stippling for your polymer frame handguns, at a low cost.
Why Stipple your grip?
Above the obvious of the improved aesthetics we can add to your gun, we can highlight some of the practical reasons we like shooting guns with modified grips.  The most obvious benefit is the added grip, which will help your ability to maintain positive control of the firearm, including in slippery conditions, like water, blood, etc. We add improved ergonomics to the grip by rounding hard edges, making it able to get a higher purchase on the grip by cutting into trigger guards and finger grooves.  Larger hands like the benefit of removing factory finger grooves on small frames so your fingers can rest more naturally.  When your grip fits your hand better, you gain a sense of consistency where you're holding the gun the exact same way every time, similar to a precision shooter mounting behind a long gun in the exact spot each time.  
All Stipple jobs we do in shop, have the option of many services like grip reduction, finger groove removal/enhancement, trigger guard undercuts and frame index points.  On some frames where applicable, we contour and blend in backstraps and outline aftermarket magwells if they are sent in or purchased with the job order.