Trigger Guard Undercuts

Trigger Guard Undercuts

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This will be services on your provided frame.


Trigger Guard:.  This alteration makes your grip more comfortable, by achieving an over all higher purchase, and removes pressure points.  This is crucial for recoil management, follow up shots, and overall control over the gun.  Single:  This will cut a single undercut in the trigger guard the closest to the grip.  Double:  This will cut both an undercut closest to the grip and one in the middle of the trigger guard.

Gun Information:.  In the order comments at checkout, be sure to fill in your firearm's information (MAKE, MODEL, SERIAL) to better help us stay organized here at the shop.  We receive a lot of orders, and it is easy to lose track of things if these steps are not followed.  When you send in your frames to get serviced, it is important to include our FFL, a copy of your drivers license, and at the very least, your order number.  You can include a copy of your order in the box as well, and email a picture of your drivers license in reference to your order if that is more convenient.


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