Grip Stippling

Grip Stippling

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This will be stippling your provided frame, with a number of available options you select above, in our most popular texture.  Large shallow print that creates a clean looking texture that is hand applied all the way around the grip, in a way that adds a great level of grip without having the aggressive dig in and abrasive-ness of other textures or stickers.  Select the options above to customize your grip with WPT2.  If you are pairing this service with Cerakote, PLEASE make sure you note in the order comments if you want it Cerakote'd before stipple (two-tone look) or after stippling.

(1) Frame Size:.   Select your frame size to start your custom stipple order.  Mini Sub-Compact:  Very Small Single Stack, Sub-Compact Polymer frames, similar in size to the Glock 42, 43, M&P Shield, or others that have a light factory texture on a small frame.  Sub-Compact: Double Stack, Sub Compact Polymer frames, similar in size to the Glock 26/27, Glock 29/30, M&P Compact, XDm Sub-Compact, XDm Sub-Compact Mod.2, or others that have a light factory texture with or without factory finger grooves.  Compact:  Double Stack, Compact Polymer frames, similar in size to the Glock 19/23 or others that have a light factory texture with or without factory finger grooves.  Full Size:  Double Stack or Single Stack Full Size Polymer Frames, similar in size to the Glock 17/22/19X/34/35, Glock 20/21/40/41, M&P Full Size, XDm Full Size, or others that have a light to medium factory texture with or without factory finger grooves. 

(2) Finger Groover Removal and Grip Reduction:.  Basic Grip Reduction: This will remove the factory texture from all the sides of the Grip, and trims the sidewalls to blend and contour better with your new texture.  If a backstrap is on your gun, we would epoxy it so it doesn't move, and blend the edges to accept a seamless texture.  If your frame has factory finger grooves, this will enhance their feel and deepen their feel.  A2 Grip:  This does everything the basic grip reduction does, in addition to removing the lower factory finger groove to allow the bottom portion of your hand to be spread out and more relaxed, while keeping the traction gained from the upper portion of your hand.  Enhanced Removal:  This does everything the basic grip reduction does, in addition to remove the factory finger grooves to provide a slimmer more flexible grip.

(3) Trigger Guard:.  This alteration makes your grip more comfortable, by achieving an over all higher purchase, and removes pressure points.  This is crucial for recoil management, follow up shots, and overall control over the gun.  Single:  This will cut a single undercut in the trigger guard the closest to the grip.  Double:  This will cut both an undercut closest to the grip and one in the middle of the trigger guard.

(4) Index Points:.  Add any of these options to the left and/or right side of the frame,  to bel be cut or stippled to match your selected texture, adding grip to where your support thumb rests while firing, and your index finder should rest when not in a fire position.  The options are a patch of texture, or a cut in accelerator "shelf"

(5) Glock ONLY Options:.  Other optional modifications to your grip.  Grip Chop.  This will cut the grip down to the next smallest size glock model.  I.e. Glock 17/22 down to accept Glock 19/23 magazines,  Glock 19/23 down to accept Glock 26/27 Magazines.  We encourage you to ship a magazine with you to ensure proper fit.  Magazine Release Scallop (Gen1-3): This is one example of a small change that makes a dramatic difference.  This modification allows for your thumb to better reach the factory mag release without compromising or changing your grip to do so.  This will speed up your mag changes,  aid in mag change consistency and maintaining your accuracy. We see extended magazine releases on Glocks all the time, but in many cases this modification fixes the problem without having a larger projection release

(6) Gun Information:.  Seems self explanatory but you'd be surprised.  Fill in your firearm's information to better help us stay organized here at the shop.  We receive a lot of orders, and it is easy to lose track of things if these steps are not followed.  When you send in your frames to get stippled, it is important to include our FFL, a copy of your drivers license, and at the very least, your order number.  You can include a copy of your order in the box as well, and email a picture of your drivers license in reference to your order if that is more convenient.


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