Carry Texture Stipple Package

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All Stipple jobs include any optional services that are listed below.  Please select which options you want for your unique job.  

Must ship firearms via UPS/Fedex to We Plead The 2nd, 1730 W 10th Place, Suite 6, Tempe, AZ 85281; with the following information: (1) A copy of our FFL (download HERE), (2) A copy of your drivers license, (3) A copy of your order.  It will be returned to your order address. 

Frame Size:  If you are unsure which model gun you have, contact us first so you order correctly.

Sub Compact Frames - like Glock 42/43/26/27, M&P Shield, XDs or similar

Compact Frames - like Glock 19, M&P Compact, XD Mod.2 or similar

Full Size Frames -  like Glock 17/22/34/35, M&P Full Size, XDm or similar. 

Texture:  Large Print, known as Carry Texture.  This clean looking texture is hand applied in a way that adds a great level of grip without having the aggressive dig in and abrasive-ness of other textures.

Grip Reduction: All Stipple and Texture jobs come with a basic grip reduction.  This removes the factory texture from the sides of the Grip and trims the sidewalls to blend and contour better with your new texture.

Index Points: If you want, this area will be stippled to match your selected texture, adding grip to where your index finder should rest when not in a fire position.  Index Point stippling also aids in recoil management with addition grip to your support hand thumb.

Trigger Guard Under Cut: This alteration makes your grip more comfortable, by achieving an over all higher grip.  This is crucial for recoil management, follow up shots,  and overall control over the gun. Not available on all guns.

Trigger Guard Support Cut:  Adding an additional undercut for your support hand's index finder.  If you feel your support hand's index finger is "crammed" against the trigger guard when you grip your gun currently, this will be an excellent modification for you.  Not available on all guns.

Recessed Mag Release:  This is one example of a small change that makes a dramatic difference .  Simply put, this modification allows for your thumb to better reach the mag release without compromising or changing your grip to do so.  This will speed up your mag changes,  aid in mag change consistency and maintaining your accuracy. We see extended magazine releases on Glocks all the time, but in many cases this modification fixes the problem without having a larger projection release.  Available on Gen1-3 Glocks only.

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  • do you guys use a whole brand new frame or do i have to send mine in? my buddy tried to make my mag well see through and completely ruined it

    It is on a customer supplied frame. You can order a new frame from the manufacture, and have it sent here for the order, and we can ship it completed to an FFL of your choice.