Kydex A-IWB Appendix Rig Holster

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Appendix Rig Inside Waist Band (A-IWB) Kydex Rig Holster.  A slightly curved wide combination gun and magazine holster, worn inside the pants with a belt, recommended for discrete and low profile concealed carry in the appendix carry position.  Adjustable Retention for a custom draw and feel.  Standard orientation is the magazine to be in front of the gun, with the bullets facing the slide.

Sending in a gun for a holster?  Check here for more info: FFL Info

Check homepage for up-to-date online order lead time.  ** Special kydex colors may take longer as they are custom made to order.

Kydex: Visit the Kydex Colors Page HERE to view Kydex Color samples and Patterns Available.  The outside color of kydex is the color that will face the outside, the main color that is visible. The inside color of kydex is the color that will face your body, and only really be visible on the edge.  We only use .08 Kydex™ on all of our holsters.

Optic / Threaded Barrel Cut:  Slide mounted optics need a slimmer sweat guard and lower mounted clip in order to fit correctly.  Threaded Barrels require the bottom of the holster to be opened more than usual to be able to pass through.  Select which options you would like for your holster.  Holsters can always be sent back and altered if you add an optic/barrel in the future.  

Eyelets: Select at least one (1) color for your eyelets.  If more are selected, they will be mixed at random.  

Sweat/Shirt Guard:  The sweat guard is the part of the inside of the holster that extends from above the trigger guard to the top back of the slide. The sweat guard not only protects the firearm from sweat, oils, and clothing, but some shooters find it aids in the re-holstering of the firearm.  Our standard is a High Sweat guard, unless we feel the selected gun/option needs a lower one due to slide details, optic cuts, safeties or slide lock levels.  Because we mold our holsters with training replicas, the safely is in the fire position.

Belt Clips:  The Strut Clip is a versatile, tuckable belt option, that allows user adjustments for angle and ride height.  Also available is a G-CODE Strut Clip that features an outward bend, aiding in concealment and draw.

** Because of the extremely tight fit of kydex holsters, some accessories or aftermarket changes to the gun, need to be brought to our attention.  Some examples include: Threaded barrels, taller front sights, non-factory magazine release, non-factory slide release, rail adaptors, etc.  These need to be brought to our attention before placing an order, to ensure we can accommodate your weapon, or make arrangements to make it work.  Failure to do so may render your holster useless **

** Check out all of the photos to help you order.  Double check all of the options you selected, we know there are a lot to pick from.  There are no returns or cancellations on holsters as they are custom made-to-order **

Questions & Answers

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  • What is the main practical difference between the GCODE and Strut clips for the A-IWB holsters? For example, would one clip or another be better suited for a full-metal framed pistol that weighs almost 3 lbs. loaded?

    The only real difference between the clips is the outward angle that g-code puts on their clips.  They say it aids in concealability by pushing the gun and holster towars the body.  It also prints on the belt if you dont have a stiff holster belt, so pros and cons.  With this being on the A-IWB rig that uses two, you wont see the benifits of the outward cant. 

  • I'm about to make my polymer80 Glock 17. Glock Store has stated that Glock 21 holsters fit the polymer80. Have y'all had the chance to test fitment with a completed polymer80? Jimmy

    That is kind of true, but it is very loose in kydex.  We have a poly80 frame we can mold it with if you note it at checkout.