About Us

We at We Plead The 2nd, LLC, WPT2, were encouraged to deliver a unique way to represent our Freedom. From our brave Military and Law Enforcement Officers to the everyday citizen, and shooting enthusiasts; the 2nd Amendment is apart of our everyday lives. We saw a need, a desire to show off this freedom, and wanted to update the market on how people could do that in a whole new way. 


We Plead The 2nd, LLC 1730 W. 10th Place, Suite 6, Tempe, AZ 85281.  

07 FFL# 9-86-08551   02 SOT 

We offer and are best known for our Custom Kydex Holsters.  Hand made quality holsters, you can see and feel the difference when you wear and use them. Lifetime warranty, built for you, to last.  We also specialize in custom grip and stipple work, cerakote, and other weapon enhancements.  Custom AR15 and rifle builds, Product Reviews and testing, and range days. Custom Clothing Designs, Morale Patches, Decals, Ammunition. All of the products We Plead The 2nd LLC Makes are 100% Made in the USA! We appreciate your business.  

Shipping a firearm: 

Mail you gun directly to us, at We Plead The 2nd, 1730 W 10th Place, Suite 6, Tempe AZ 85281; with a copy of your order and our license below, and the firearm will be returned directly to you with your completed order.