Cerakote Color Guide

This list of Cerakote colors and patterns are here to help you with your selections.  They are representations of colors and patterns, but not always the actual color, as all screens and lighting conditions are different.  The GunCandy and Pattern swatches are in fact actual sprayed examples, but again, they dont represent exact results due to lighting, screens, and mobile device variances.  We do have these samples in shop for our local customers to see and compare.

Popular Cerakote Patterns:


The Cerakote Elite Colors, or E-Series colors are improved hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity, all in a thinner application as compared to the standard H-Series colors.  You will notice a higher sheen (more shiny) than the H-Series because of its thin nature.

When we say performance we mean:

* Exceeds 9h scratch and gouge hardness (ASTM D33630

* Taber abrasion greater than 8000 wear cycles per mil (ASTM D4060)

* Corrosion resistance more than 3000 hours (ASTM B117)

* Direct and indirect impact resistance of 160 in-lbs. (ASTM D2794)

* 0mm coating loss at 180* mandrel bend (ASTM D522)

* Coefficient of Friction rivaling Teflon at 0.11 (Steady-State Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Under Load)

* Extremely high chemical resistance

World-Class performance with the following attributes:

* Distinctive high-end look and feel you have to experience to believe.

* Industry leading consistency in color, mil thickness and finish.

* Compatible with more substrates than any other competitive finish.


Cerakote H-Series is the industry standard in thin film firearm and industrial coatings.  With Superior Corrosion, Wear, Impact, Scratch and Chemical Resistance.  Maximum Hardness, Durability, Flexibility and Adhesion.  Matte to Egg Shell Finishes, varies by color.  


Cerakote H-Seres Metallics.  These colors feature similar specs to the H-Series colors,  with a noticeable reflective/metallic flake that creates a unique matte finish.

Cerakote Metallic Colors - We Plead The 2nd

GunCandy Chameleon and Metallic Colors.  These powdered pigments are added to cerakote H-301 Armor Clear do go on top of a cerakote base color, to provide a vivid spectrum of colors and metallic flake, not available through cerakote's product line alone.  Although we do offer all of them,  these are the popular ones readily keep stocked.  Check out www.guncandy.com for more color pigment options.


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